Violet was born and raised in Los Angeles, but don’t judge her moral compass yet, because she will assure you she hates having to say she is from La La Land and not somewhere interesting like Fort Wayne, Indiana. Throughout high school, she made an effort to ditch classes, except theater, while writing and making comedic mockumentaries on the first version of the iPad that ever came out (she’s old!). She grew up watching SNL, The Simpsons, and Cops which have molded her into the outstanding young woman she is today.

Violet is a women’s rights advocate and extremely vocal on social media platforms, sometimes to a fault, but she refuses to stop because she believes it needs to be said. You may catch her debating an alt-right Instagram account who commented something offensive on one of her photos.

But Violet is no saint (I know, shocking), she is a comedian and improvisor who pushes the limits and has been said to have no filter. Her favorite place in the world is the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she is currently in the Advanced Study program.

At the beginning of 2016, in a state of productive mania, Violet wrote and directed a short film, “Chipped”, depicting her own struggles as a teenager and living in such a drug prevalent culture. It got a lot of attention and praise, won an IndieFest award, and most importantly precisely portrayed the loss of innocence she was hoping to capture.